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Sep 6, 2021 | Website

Your website needs a place to live, so customers can view it – this is called Website Hosting. It’s a bit like renting office space for your business to have a physical location, you need to rent server space for your website to have an online location. 

Hosting is a monthly charge and ours is jam packed with SSL security, WordPress Daily Backups, Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365) email accounts  (eg [email protected], if you need them) and our local support.

Australian Servers

We use several data centres in Brisbane and Sydney for our website hosting including Microsoft Azure in Sydney.

The data centres are buildings dedicated to servers in high security, climate controlled server rooms with backup power and internet connections, and 24/7 technicians to ensure the servers are all running smoothly. 

Security & Backups

Our servers have a range of security measures in place to protect your website, and backups to ensure a quick recovering in the event of disaster. 

We use CloudFlare as a final layer of security which provides SSL encryption so your website the lock icon in the browser. This helps customers feel safe as their interactions with your website are encrypted in transit so they can’t be intercepted. CloudFlare also protects against DDOS attacks where it sits in front of your website like a shield, and we also have firewall settings to minimise spambots and hacking attempts to your website by blocking or challenging bots and known sources of dodgy internet traffic. 

Backups are taken regularly at the server level to allow for a quick restore in the event of a hardware issue, as well as at the website level so we can quickly restore your website from a backup if necessary. 

Bevan Moller


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