Professional Website Design & Development

First impressions count

A website in 2020 needs to be more than a marketing tool or an online hub of information about your business.  It needs to be tailored specifically to draw in that audience and convert them to new leads and increase your bottom line.

We can build a website that showcases your products and services in detail, supports your mailing list, lets customers shop from you directly and just about anything else your business might need. It can even work hand in hand with your social media presence to guide visitors from awareness to action (or even loyalty) as smoothly as possible. Best of all, it’ll always be yours.

What we can provide


Your website needs to change, grow, and evolve with your business. Do you have time to put into it? Just shoot us an email and we can make changes to your website quickly and professionally.

If you have regular updates, we can offer a Monthly Service Agreement with a special low hourly rate for the best value for money.


A completely new website is not always the most economical, or even the best, solution to improving your online presence.

If your existing, but tired, website has a good foundation, it's quite possible we can transform it into a stylish, action-producing site with some re-styling and new images, an overhaul of the written content, and some SEO tweaks.

Hosting &

We don’t just want you to have an awesome looking site with excellent functionality. We want you to have the best possible domain name so that you’re easy to find and remember.

If you come to us without a name for your website, we'll gladly assist you with selecting and purchasing the right address. But make no mistake, it’s 100% yours (whether you keep working with us or not). We also provide secure and reliable hosting so your website is available 24/7 with all pages and features performing as they should.

Ecommerce &

When you buy or sell online, you’re engaging in Ecommerce and these days, that side of business is huge and poised for significant growth. Being able to seamlessly process transactions online can give you an edge over competitors and build loyalty in your customers.

It can also allow people who’ve just happened to stumble across your website to immediately make a purchase if you offer the product or service they were trying to find. 

to edit
your Website

When we build your new website, we'll also show you how to edit content so that you can ensure that what your website visitors are seeing is always the most timely and accurate information about your business and your products and services.

However, you are certainly not on your own. Be assured, if you don't feel confident editing your site, or you forget how to do it, we are only a phone call away and ready to help.

Top Results
in Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means finding the right keywords for your audience and using them with just the right level of frequency. Done well, it can lead to your business being one of the top results on relevant Google searches. Get heavy-handed and the algorithms could flag your page as spam. Tread too lightly and the algorithms just won’t notice you at all.

Aside from SEO, we can help you use services like Google Adwords to show ads to customers who are most likely to follow through with sales. You won’t have to wait for momentum to build, PPC can get your site to the first page of a search instantly. Better yet, you’ll only pay when someone clicks, not just when they see your ad.

Find the perfect domain to suit your business

We created own own domain checker to help you boost your web presence and generate more traffic with a domain name that's unique to you.

Our Process


Let’s work out what your objectives are, who will be visiting your site, what you already have, what needs to be developed, and what we will need you to provide.


Meet with our lead designer who will create the look and feel of your website and our copywriter who will craft the written content to convey your message.


This is the part where our technical wizards turn those great creative ideas into a real, functioning website.


Our Search Engine Optimisation expert will give your site their touch to propel it towards the top of the list on Google. We will also integrate it with your other channels such as social media.

Ongoing Support

Things will change and need updating. We’ll show you how to edit your site and we are just a phone call away any time you need help.

Who We’ve Helped

“We have worked with Catalyst Directions and are delighted with the website they have created for us. 

Our company, Farmfresh Fine Foods, is a second-generation, family-owned and operated Australian food technology and manufacturing company. We needed our website to be of the highest quality and layout to promote the supply of customised vegetable solutions for the Australian and international industrial and foodservice markets. 

Their team delivered beyond our expectations within the timeframes outlined. I would highly recommend working with them.”

Janelle Gerry, Director – Farmfresh Fine Foods

“We couldn’t be happier with the website that Catalyst Directions created for us. With the smallest of briefs from us (Elegant, traditional and in our colour palette was it!) the team managed to capture exactly what we’re all about. 

Everyone we speak to about our website mentions how fantastic, professional and easy to navigate it is. 

We also required that our site be operating in just a short couple of weeks and with a mammoth effort this team made it happen. Thank you team! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the end result.”

Cassandra – Elegant Event

“We have worked with the team at Catalyst for over 10 years. They created our first website, then our second and continue to provide website support, maintenance, and creative guidance to support our changing business model. 

Bevan and his team are very approachable, they are timely in their interaction with us, creative in their suggestions, clever in their fixes, and have become part of our business team.”

Sue Walker & Cheryl Dezotti, Directors – The Nurses for Nurses Network

Why work with us?

We have a team with a wealth of creative and technical talent ready to make your online vision a reality, from concept through to delivery. We are happy to talk to you and get to know your business first-hand before making any recommendations.

Your professional website is just a click away. 

With payment plan and finance options available... we can help you.