Why do photos matter so much?

Images communicate across language barriers and draw attention faster than text can (think about how quickly your brain reacted to the images above). Whether consciously or not, human brains seek out vibrant imagery and when given the option between two search results, almost always, the one with images (or better images) gets picked first. As a result, websites are usually divided into 80% imagery and 20% graphics, content and space.‌

How can we make that work for you?

By carefully selecting high-quality images and graphics, we can add visual elements to your online story that help guide potential customers along the sales process, make it easier for them to engage with or share content via social media and enhance the emotional appeal of your pages so they grow brand loyalty over time.‌

Why are some images less effective than others?

That can come down to several factors. Low-resolution photos look unprofessional to your website’s visitors and cause search engines to rank your site poorly (leading to fewer views and as a result, less profit for you). That’s the easy part. Photos that are of high resolution may fall short on other quality criteria including:

  • Poorly selected angles
  • Too much or too little light
  • Clutter
  • Excessive editing

As a result, we will require a fair number of high-quality images to choose from to create a look and feel that complements your website and blog’s overall theme. Be sure to name your image files in a way that makes it easy to connect them with particular pages on your new website. This is especially important when it comes to products and staff that you wouldn’t want misidentified. It can also help us to fill in text descriptions that allow search engine bots to understand your images and give visually impaired people a chance to understand what’s in the picture.‌

Stock photos? Or your original photos?

Sometimes the best option is to use stock photos alongside your original images. Wherever that’s the case, we’ll let you preview the result before we make that purchase on your behalf.‌

Step 1: Send us your photos

Whatever you have that’s related to your business might come in handy and find its way onto your website. 

Step 2: Stock photos

While your own custom photos are our first choice, we can also use a few stock photos as needed. This allows us more options to create eye-catching image and content combinations for your pages. If we need to use a lot of stock photos we’ll be in touch to provide a quote, or discuss a photoshoot.

Step 3: Photoshoot

If you don’t already have enough high-quality images of your business, products/services or staff, we’ll quote for a photoshoot separately. Stock photos can be used in some situations, but your own photos are almost always a better option for your marketing.‌

‌If you would like to proceed with a professional photoshoot, let us know and we can provide an additional quote.‌