Recognising Your Company’s Sales MVP

Mar 13, 2020 | Business

Who’s working the hardest at your business to convert leads into sales and spread the word about everything you do? Before you pick a name and start any squabbles among your staff, we’d like to point out that your website is actually the most effective salesperson you will ever employ. Or at least it should be. *insert MVP chants here* Ask yourself these questions:

What’s on your website?

If your site features content that doesn’t connect well with your customer base/target audience, they’re much less likely to stick around, buy anything or return. That means missed opportunities which translate into lower revenue.

What business is coming from your website to you?

If you’re keeping track of your sales funnel, you’re amassing valuable data about the types of clients your site appeals to which you can use to tweak your future traditional and social media campaigns for maximum results.

Are you easily found online under the categories you’re famous for?

This comes down to your strategic use of content. By adding well-written, industry-specific content to your site with the right keyword density, your site can rank higher on organic search results. That puts your business on the radar of potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Is your website user experience logical and easy for your customer to use?

It’s not enough to be present online and have all the information customers need. Your website needs to be easy to navigate so users don’t get frustrated and flock to competitors instead (it only takes a moment to click that ‘x’).

How are you driving more prospective customers to your website?

You’re literally spoiled for choice here. Traditional media like television, newspaper, radio and even billboard ads can all contribute to your overall plan to get your website seen. More obviously, a strong social media strategy featuring posts and ads that lead to your website can serve as the opening act to a performance where your site is the main attraction. 

Why should they go there before heading to your bricks and mortar store?

Ideally, your website should be so easy to use, informative and eye-catching that visitors enjoy getting to know your products or services in detail via the comfort and convenience of their devices. With your website guiding the way, they may even enter your store ready to sell to themselves.

Andy McLucas

Social Media Manager

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