Moved to working remotely?

24 Mar 2020

Sanitise those hands, grab a roll of toilet paper and find a nice relaxing spot to read this.  Just one or two rolls is plenty though.  ????  In the coming months, businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy.

Do you have one, and if so, when was it last reviewed?

Your remote business

Being confined to the office or your home, rather than on the road on sales visits or at events, means more time to work on your business. This could mean researching where your customers can be found online, and how different approaches and tactics might impact your success. If your organisation previously put mild efforts into digital channels – because like a lot of other businesses, you had built your networks offline and that had always seemed to work – now is the time to revisit them. That could be as simple as giving your website and social pages a refresh, or a more innovative approach.

I have to work remotely – what do I need?

Where are you setting up your temporary remote business?  If you’re like us and have moved to working from home, then here’s a few ideas and tricks to make it more successful.

Space & Routine – ensure you have enough space to be able to carry out your day to day tasks with the same or similar efficiency than you did when you were in your business.  If you’re a 9 to 5 person, have you got a comfortable chair, adequate lighting and a desk in a quiet space?  You might have 8 children – they need to be made aware that ‘Daddy or Mummy need to get some work done’ and lock them outside if you have to!  Don’t be afraid to lay down the ground rules – same goes for housemates.  You can’t crack a beer at 11am and expect to have a productive day.

Make sure your area is clutter free and you’re in the best possible position to get those tasks done! Stay focused on your projects and set yourself time frames to achieve certain goals, just as you would in the office.

Connectivity to your team – can you take your work computer home with you, or do you have something of your own to use? Do you have a decent enough internet connection and enough data to get you through?

You may need to check out your internet plan to ensure you have enough speed and data to enable you the most positive daily results. If your internet is slow, you may miss out on being able to attend team meetings (via software such as Slack, ZOOM etc) – which can feel isolating.

These things need to be checked to give you the best chance at working remotely.

What should my plan be?

Look at it as a window of opportunity – when things are back to normal, budgets will be going back into live events and that’s what they will be spending their time on. But for now, focus your time and energy into your online marketing.

We are here to help you through this, we will be creating content which you can look to for ideas and guidance. It’s certainly true that the coming weeks, or months – or however long this situation lasts – will be a challenging time for any company that isn’t ready to think about how they will replace the opportunities that may have been lost.