Get your .au domain name – without the .com

20 May 2022

Why get your .au?

.au domain names are a direct way to simplify and shorten your existing .com domain name, such as mynew.au. This option is available for Australian’s that want to manage, maintain, create and make their brand stand out online. If you are a current Australian domain holder with a com.au, net.au, org.au etc…you have six months from the launch date (March 24, 2022) to register for the matching .au. For example, if you have bobsplumbing.com.au you have first dibs on bobsplumbing.au, but you need to get in before 20 September 2022 when it will become available to everyone else. The cost with us is the normal $52 for two years. Just get in touch and we’ll sort it out for you.

Do I need .au?

If your brand is important to be retained by you, then yes! By registering for your .au your brand is protected from a competitor who can grab it after the six month pre-registration period on September 20, 2022.

If you already have yourbusiness.com.au then get yourbusiness.au to enhance your brand. You’ve got priority registration until 20 September to grab it before someone else does. Get in touch to grab the .au to match your .com.au – our normal rates apply of $52 for two years.

Why do I need a .au?

.au is aimed to compliment your existing .com.au domain that informs and enhances your businesses brand
More choice in choosing an Australian domain name
Australia will fall into line with the other top countries who already use their country code to distinguish their domain name and their location, such as .uk, .us, .nz
Starting a new business or updating your .com.au with your brand as a .au makes searching on mobile devices easier, including the utilisation of shorter email addresses.

Can I use my new .au domain for something innovative?

Yes! You can have some fun when you choose a new .au. For example, you have a dog walking business and your current domain is dogwalkingwhisperer.com.au. However, you might like to be creative and register a .au such as walkyourwoofa.au. Register anything you like with .au at the end as long as you’re a person or business in Australia.

Other purposes could include:

Stand out in the crowd

When you create a personalised website (myname.au) and email address ([email protected]) this is how your brand stands out when interacting online. .au represents your authentic domain name.

Take your passion to the next level

Are you creative or planning for the future? If your side project or dream lifestyle is what you’re passionate about, well, now you can take it to the next level with your (passion.au) direct domain name. The benefit is that it’s easier to pinpoint you, and it’s a more direct way for your like-minded tribe to find you.

Make your portfolio and resume contemporary and unique

.au is your clear pathway to making a good first impression on clients, employers and the online community. Using your carefully selected .au puts you at the forefront of attention for future jobs, getting clients to notice you, and showcasing your content with a digital .au footprint.

Events that are made to be remembered

Do you have an event, or a new marketing campaign to set up? With a .au domain, eg (myevent.au or mywedding.au) it can help the 70% of Aussies who are online daily, find you.

It’s only $52 for two years to grab a new .au, or one to match your existing .com.au. Get in touch and we can get it happening, or book a time to talk to us about how a .au could be part of a your new marketing campaign, event or business venture.