COVID-19 Bundaberg is Open for Business – Are you open?

29 Mar 2020

In business, things are always changing, but that’s part of the challenge of being in business – to a point.

With COVID-19, wow, this is next level challenging and for some it’s all too much, but I’m seeing so many great stories about businesses finding ways to succeed amongst the uncertainty.

Even if you’re in an industry that has strict regulations or ways things MUST be done, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Even trees, despite being rooted to one spot, get clever when they need to! 

Businesses are getting creative!

Businesses are doing some creative things to make it work in this new situation.

  • Restaurants doing takeaways, freezer meals or even delivery – AllowishusBert’sWater St Kitchen to name a few
  • In Hervey Bay we’ve been helping a new business get started delivering takeaway food from a range of restaurants direct to people’s doors (foodontherun.com.au if you’re in Hervey Bay and feeling hungry, or if you offer takeaway in Hervey Bay get in touch and add delivery to your offering)
  • Some distilleries are using their alcohol/ethanol production to assist with production of hand-sanitiser – check out the news
  • I just saw on Instagram that Bundy Bowl and Leisure are closed, but they look to be using the time to do some sneaky changes/renovations – what they doing?
  • I was talking to MRH Lawyers last week and they are locked up in their offices staying safe, but otherwise it’s business as usual
  • At Catalyst we closed the office a few weeks ago since all our systems are online and it’s easy to work from home, so it’s business as usual for us as well – although maybe sometimes wearing our “day pajamas” tongue-out
  • Avenell Brother’s in Bourbong St are still open and according to Instagram they can count to 3 to limit the number of people in the store at a time #socialdistancing #1.5metres
  • Macadamia’s Australia now have some of their delicous range of nuts available at some BP petrol stations – as well as many other places. Check out the clever Store Locator we setup for them so you can easily find a place to grab some snacks for all that time you’re spending at home https://shop.macadamiasaustralia.net/store-locator
  • passionfruit coffee. have some restrictions in place, no more than 5 customers in store at once, wait outside for your order, payment via card only
  • Seafront Fish and Chips in Hervey Bay have packed up all of their tables and they just leave a few chairs in the alfresco dining area, which are spaced 1.5m apart so you can sit while you wait for your order whilest social distancing (and you can get your fish and chips delivered by foodontherun.com.au)
  • Bargara Brewing Co have turned the Brewhouse into drive by takeaway, tables and chairs are packed away and you can now just pull up, grab a carton or a growler or a few of their new cans! Take a look
  • and the list goes on…

What is your business doing? How are you adapting?

Let everyone know you’re open, and how you’re trading!

We’re trying to get the word out that lots of businesses are still open, just in new and clever ways. So we’re putting together a directory that shows who’s open and how they are now operating.

Check out the directory and give us your details so we can add your business. We’ll be promoting it on Facebook and Instagram, and the Bundaberg and District Chamber of Commerce and #lovebundy are all in support and will help to spread the word as well. We want everyone to know that businesses are still open in Bundaberg and things are happening!

Myself and the team at Catalyst are always looking for ways to help local businesses. We’ve been in Bundaberg for over 20 years helping businesses get started online and thrive. So we’re thrilled to be able to help in this way and get the word out that business is still happening in Bundaberg. Let’s show the community that there is hope for the future, and we can all get through this if we support each other and keep moving forward!