About Us

Real People. Real Results.

We know that online marketing is not everyone’s idea of fun and it can even be a bit daunting. But it’s a necessity in today’s business environment and happens to be our area of expertise (as well as our idea of fun). When you work with us, we’ll make sure your online marketing is working hard for you so that so that you can focus on your business and your passion. 

We have assembled a skilled full-time staff as well as a network of talented specialists who work with us to provide you the best support in all areas from websites and top results in Google to social media, website hosting, copywriting, email direct marketing, graphic design, product packaging, magazine design, offset printing – and the list goes on.

We’re real people, helping you to achieve real results in your business. 

The Team

Bevan Moller

Bevan Moller


Bevan has been with the company since 2002, after attaining a Bachelor of Information Technology with Distinction at CQ University Bundaberg. Working on projects from all angles including graphic design, website development, internet marketing, social media and project management has provided a solid grounding across the board. This allows for some clever lateral thinking for the wide variety of clients from small business to local government and international organisations. Bevan has been manager at Catalyst for many years, and owner of the business since 2011.

James Campbell

James Campbell

Graphic Designer & Web Designer

Joining the team at the end of 2019, James has a Bachelor of Digital Media from Griffith University, and several years experience with another digital agency. James is a talented graphic designer and a great website designer with clever ideas and a passion for creative design.

Steve Yeomans

Steve Yeomans

Website Designer

Steve hit the ground running at the end of 2020 and has really found his feet in delivering amazing quality websites to every client. With a passion for graphic design and keeping the office plants and fish alive, Steve is a great asset to the Catalyst team. 

Lucinda Templeton

Lucinda Templeton

Office Manager

Keeping the office running smoothly is Lucinda’s role. She’s remarkably organised and keeps every ticking along (including keeping the kitchen stocked with coffee which most of the team can’t function without). Lucinda manages hundreds of domain names for our clients, deals with first level support for email and hosting issues, works with the sales team on quote preparation, organises meetings and schedules and deals with all of the in between things that ensure Catalyst runs smoothly. Without Lucinda we’d be a mess.

Shamili Karunarathne

Shamili Karunarathne

Website Developer, Coder & Electrical Engineer

Biography coming soon

Maarten van Bokkel

Maarten van Bokkel

Search Engine Optimisation

Maarten provides our clients not only top rankings in Google but, more importantly, significant increases in website visitors. Maarten has extensive national and international experience with Search Engine Optimisation for companies and government organisations in a range of industries. Maarten will always focus first on getting top results using Search Engine Optimisation so you get good coverage in the free Google results, but making any recommendations for paid advertising with Google. For highly competitive industries where Google Ads are necessary Maarten can assess the best keywords and manage your Google Ad budget to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Myla Leono

Myla Leono

Social Media Production Coordinator

Organised is one word to describe Myla, in a way you’ve probably never seen before. Myla manages the day to day running of all of our social media clients with laser precision. Every detail is neatly managed and cross checked to ensure posts go live at the correct times, ad budgets are correctly allocated and reports are prepared with accurate statistics.

Liliana Harris

Liliana Harris

Social Media Content Creator

Liliana joined the social media team in 2020 as both an assistant copywriter and graphic designer. Her enthusiasm for the world of social media and digital marketing is contagious and she adds a unique perspective to the team. Liliana has found her niche in managing the production of all the social media content on a monthly basis and directs the creative control to ensure all content is created within the clients tailored strategy. She is instrumental in assisting the Social Media Manager to deliver excellent outcomes for each and every client.

Monique Clement

Monique Clement


Monique has a way with words – finding the right words to tell your story for a post on Facebook or Instagram, as well as blog posts, website pages and magazine articles. For blog posts and websites she has a knack for sneaking in the necessary keywords for Google while still penning eloquently worded paragraphs. For social she’s got emojis at the ready and once she’s got a good understanding of your business, can create a “voice” for your social pages that brings together professionalism with a fun personal feel that will enage with your audience.

Things we’ve been up to in our community

No man is an island and no business survives without a community. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to in and around Bundaberg:


#lovebundy started as an initiative of Bundaberg Regional Council to support local business by encouraging locals to shop locally.

In the early stages we saw the opportunity to take it further with a website for the campaign to support the other aspects such as their mobile app, social media campaigns and radio advertising. We offered our services in kind as a way to support the Bundaberg business community and more than a year on, the website has grown and changed to become a key part of the initiative.

In it’s current stage, the initiative is partly funded by council but operated by a reference group (ie committee) with Rick Hose and Bevan Moller from Catalyst both contributing to that group.

Bundaberg & District Chamber of Commerce

Catalyst is committed to supporting local businesses, so when the Bundaberg chamber needed a new website to better support Bundaberg businesses, we jumped at the chance!

We worked with the committee to redesign the logo to clearly reflect the mission and direction of the chamber, and created an extensive website. The new website has a lot of clever new features to save time for the committee and streamline processes. One highlight is the event ticketing system where chamber can sell event tickets (such as their regular breakfasts) and allow members to show the ticket on their phone and have it scanned at the door.

Most of our work was offered in kind, as part of supporting the Bundaberg business community, and we also have one of our team volunteer on the committee.

Young Business Bundaberg

With a youthful vibe and a more casual approach to networking, YBB has become a fixture in the Bundaberg business community. Regular monthly networking evenings with plenty of drinks and nibbles are proving popular with the new initiative going strong now for over a year.

Rick Hose served as Chairperson of YBB for sometime and our designer Tim Sweetapple also contributed the design for the new YBB logo (above) with a fresh design inline with it’s current direction and link to the Bundaberg chamber.

Check out YBB on Facebook, and come along to the next event!

Our Story

1996 – dial up internet by the hour

Back in the ’90s, InterWorX Technologies was launched as the first locally based Internet Service Provider in Bundaberg. InterWorX was offering a groundbreaking new service “dial up internet”, and it was sold by the hour so you could literally buy a block of 10 hours of internet access, and every time you used the internet you had to connect and then disconnect so you didn’t use up your hours.

It wasn’t long before the marketing potential of the web became apparent and businesses wanted in. To meet that demand, InterWorX had a small team in a back room creating cutting edge (for the time) websites – check out the stunning InterWorX website during that time! 

The internet was very different back then, Google didn’t exist until 1998 and we used a fax machine to receive signed quotes from clients!

2002 – Bevan joins the team

2007 – Catalyst is born

Bevan Moller joined the InterWorX team in 2002 fresh from the local university, and worked part time for a while as a designer and web developer before moving into a full time role and, in time, became the Online Services Manager of the InterWorX Web Development team.

Over the years, the team changed, the office changed, the uniform changed, and at some point the name changed to Catalyst (we think around 2007). The name change brought with it a new logo and the vibrant lime green which was not popular with the Managing Director at the time, but he trusted us and it’s worked out pretty well. 

There may have been a few fun and games in the office from time to time such as the Christmas spectacular at Bevan’s desk which appeared most years, and yes that’s water cress growing out of Stephen’s keyboard – he was clearly on holidays too long…

2011 – Bevan acquires Catalyst Directions

After many ups and downs, the Managing Director decided to focus on his other companies and sold Catalyst Directions to Bevan in August 2011.

The team was quite small at that time, but Carey Young continued with Bevan along with a few other casual team members. 

Bevan freshened up the office on Perry St and the business started to grow and prosper.

In the following year Simon Holloway joined the team to work with Carey and Bevan as a developer.


2013 – Floods

2013 started the year with a rainy surprise – almost a metre of water in our office. The entire suburb was evacuated and closed off for a week. The floods cost us some time, energy and furniture but thanks to our clever systems and cloud based data storage, no clients were affected and we were able to pick up the pieces and go on. We didn’t close for a single day because of the floods, our phones, email, hosting etc all continued running smoothly and we quickly setup in temporary offices while ours were cleaned up and repaired.

Sadly we weren’t able to replace the green striped couch which had floated across the office and taken on a lot of flood water.

2016 – Welcome Tim!

In 2016 a friendly young chap named Tim Sweetapple moved to Bundaberg with his soon to be wife, and dropped by the Catalyst office with his résumé.

We didn’t have a position available as such, but soon created a part time role for this up and coming graphic designer which quickly became full time as he proved his worth delighting customers and creating stunning websites and graphic art.

Today Tim has become the Digital Project Manager while still keeping his hand on the tools with design and doing some amazing work for many local businesses.

Around that time, we also gave the office a refresh with more plants, our eye catching green conference chairs and some new signage.

2017 – Welcome Rick!

In 2017 the team kept growing! Rick Hose had worked with Catalyst from time to time in his role with Wide Reach Social Media, and when he moved on from there he promptly contacted Bevan at Catalyst and was welcomed in to the team. 

Rick brings a wealth of strategic marketing ideas and sales experience and continues to move Catalyst forward in leaps and bounds. 

2018 – New Offices

Things were getting crowded in our “fishbowl” on Perry St. With three permanent desks and conference table, we sometimes had 6, 7 or even 8 team members all trying to work from the one space.

When the real estate agent in the neighbouring offices was moving out we jumped on it and moved in September 2018 with more space than we knew what to do with.

The new offices have a big conference room (which also doubles as a seminar room from time to time), several offices, front reception area and separate kitchen and bathroom – we really have space to spread out.

We capped it off with an evolution of our logo with a new crisp black and white styling with the lime green used as a highlight.


2018 – Catalyst acquires Wide Reach Digital

Back in 2012 Bevan was running Facebook workshops but when Wide Reach Social Media was established that year, he promptly left them to it and focussed on website design. 

Dan Willersdorf and Katrina Carey created a successful business with Wide Bay Social Media which later became Wide Reach Social Media, and in time Wide Reach Digital.

Catalyst and Wide Reach worked together with clients often, so when Dan and Katrina wanted to move on to other things, it was an obvious opportunity for Catalyst to acquire Wide Reach and once again offer social media services. 

It was a challenging process, but everyone worked together to bring it together.


2019 – the team keeps growing!

The acquisition of Wide Reach Digital brought some new faces to the team, Myla who manages the social media clients, and Monique our fabulous copywriter.

Luke joined the team as a web designer around the same time, and greatly increased our capacity to produce high performance websites.

Later in the year we welcomed Lucinda to the team in an administrative role and she has become an absolute asset that – we’re not sure how we managed without her!

With the acquistion of Wide Reach Digital, Dan and Katrina helped out for a while but obviously had to move along, and in their place we are delighted to have Andy join the team. Andy brings years of sales, marketing and social media experience and now manages the social media team.

And the most recently addition is James, who works alongside Luke further expanding our website development capacity. James is also a talented graphic designer working with Tim on key projects.

2020 – Hervey Bay Office (and COVID Lockdown)

2020 has been a wild year for everyone, and of course, just prior to COVID-19 lockdowns in Queensland, we had signed a lease for an office in Hervey Bay. What perfect timing… Suffice to say, we didn’t open during lockdown, thanks to a generous landlord that allowed us to put things on hold for a few months.

During lockdown we closed the Bundaberg office for 12 weeks, and all worked from home. It was familiar for some, and very new for others, but our systems are all online and well setup to handle the change. Many Zoom meetings and phone calls later, and everyone was back in the office and mostly back to normal.

We then got things setup in Hervey Bay and now have a stylish office for our clients on the Fraser Coast to meet in person, and it’s setup with a great conference camera so we can do “face to face” video meetings to the Bundaberg office. No need to worry about technology, you can just show up at the office and we’ll connect in the team member/s you need.

The new office is on the corner of Torquay Rd and Hunter St in Pialba, come and say hi!

What’s next?

In 2022, we’re a regional one-stop-shop that gets to know you, your company and your market so we can figure out what will get you where you need to go.

While we’re happy to share our story, the most interesting thing about us is YOU. 

Your business and the ideas that you bring to the table are the key ingredients in everything we do. Your sleek, mobile-optimised website is something we’ll look at with pride. Your growing market engagement and reach make the hard work worth it.

After more than 25 years, we know very clearly that YOUR success is OUR success. 

We’ve got plenty more up our sleeve for 2020, so stay tuned…