At Catalyst Directions we are… Real People.
Delivering… Real Results.

We have a team of close-knit and creative technological wizards who promote and live by founding genuine relationships with our clients.

When the doors first opened in 1996 the web was just in the infancy stage. The craze that was called the internet had emerged, and businesses wanted to be online and seen by more people, potentially increasing revenue and branding. In the early year’s Catalyst Directions main focus was on website development. 25 years later, strong and reputable, services have expanded into Graphic Design, SEO & Google Analytics, Social Media, and Marketing.

In a world where we are all connected online the vision for Catalyst Directions is to see small businesses, corporations, Mumma and Pappa’s home businesses thrive. How this happens is due to the contribution of our team of committed and highly skilled professionals who turn challenges into opportunities. The outcome is 25 years of successfully establishing a digital footprint for our clients, and doing it well! It’s the relationships that we have with our clients that makes our vision a reality; to serve the success of your business.

Why the name Catalyst? After much brainstorming the team settled on a definition and a mission; to assist small businesses to be more successful online. We wanted to be the “thing” to make it happen, i.e. the catalyst.

Catalyst /ˈkat(ə)lɪst/ Noun a person or thing that precipitates an event.

The Catalyst Team

Meet the team at Catalyst Directions. We are a bunch of skilled and diverse individuals. One of us was in the Dutch Army, another loves Boba Tea, puns are thrown in the mix, and together we can sing you a song, dance and bake a cake while doing so. Read our bios for some insight into what makes us tick.

Bevan Moller


James Campbell

Graphic & Web Designer

Steve Yeomans

Web Designer

Lucinda Templeton

Office Manager

Jaiden Millett

Lead Social Media Curator
& Designer

Ronan Budd

Social Media Curator
& Designer

Myla Leono

Social Media
Production Coordinator

Maarten van Bokkel

Search Engine

Our core values

1. Personal Connections.

Irrespective of Local/Regional/National/International. At Catalyst Directions, we are real local people, on the ground, with a strong emphasis on networking and community. Trust the locals who know all about where you live.

2. Focus on Long-Term Relationships.
3. Communication – Understanding – Interpretation.

Communication and interpretation; we talk in simple terms to help you understand any complex areas.

4. Customer Support Beyond Expectations.

We are proud to provide you with a high level of support. Face to face. Person to person. Whatever your needs, we will do our best to help you. We pride ourselves on never turning someone away, if you have a request then we listen. Our transparency means we always provide you with the next step to find a solution, and if we can’t solve it, we’ll refer you to a competitor.

5. Upfront and Honest.

Upfront and honesty are what you need. Many companies hide the real situation, promising the world and delivering very little, however, we will help you to achieve your business goals, not selling you things that won’t help your business’s success. We will discuss long-term solutions and make plans (when applicable) to offer you complimentary services to assist you in reaching your goals.

6. Strategic Approach with Practical Steps.

By looking at and applying strategic applications, not just a quick fix via a new website, this ensures great customer and client relations. We’re here for the long haul beside you all the way.

7. Embracing Flexible Solutions.

At Catalyst, we are not locked into one particular way of doing things as we are regularly updating our skills and knowledge. We will adapt to fit you, our valued customers’ needs, with options for different budgets.

8. Lateral Thinking.

Finding alternate solutions. Let us do the hard thinking.

9. Pride in our Work.

There is quality and merit in everything we do, from proposals to development, the whole kit, and kaboodle, we are the trusted locals producing world-class work.

10. Caring.

We are known for our level of care beyond the brief, where genuine care about the future of your business is paramount; caring about your concerns and problems; caring about colleagues’ concerns and problems.

11. Continuous Improvement.

Keep refining our processes. Educating ourselves. Proactive with changes in the industry.

12. Professional Presentation.

From proposals to the office to uniforms to communication, we are a united professional team.

Our story


Dial up internet by the hour

Back in the ’90s, InterWorX Technologies was launched as the first locally based Internet Service Provider in Bundaberg. InterWorX was offering a groundbreaking new service “dial up internet”, and it was sold by the hour so you could literally buy a block of 10 hours of internet access, and every time you used the internet you had to connect and then disconnect so you didn’t use up your hours.

It wasn’t long before the marketing potential of the web became apparent and businesses wanted in. To meet that demand, InterWorX had a small team in a back room creating cutting edge (for the time) websites – check out the stunning InterWorX website during that time!

The internet was very different back then, Google didn’t exist until 1998 and we used a fax machine to receive signed quotes from clients!

2002 – 2007

Bevan joins the team & Catalyst is born

Bevan Moller joined the InterWorX team in 2002 fresh from the local university, and worked part time for a while as a designer and web developer before moving into a full time role and, in time, became the Online Services Manager of the InterWorX Web Development team.

Over the years, the team changed, the office changed, the uniform changed, and at some point the name changed to Catalyst (we think around 2007). The name change brought with it a new logo and the vibrant lime green which was not popular with the Managing Director at the time, but he trusted us and it’s worked out pretty well.

There may have been a few fun and games in the office from time to time such as the Christmas spectacular at Bevan’s desk which appeared most years, and yes that’s water cress growing out of Stephen’s keyboard – he was clearly on holidays too long…


Bevan acquires Catalyst Directions

After many ups and downs, the Managing Director decided to focus on his other companies and sold Catalyst Directions to Bevan in August 2011.

The team was quite small at that time, but Carey Young continued with Bevan along with a few other casual team members.

Bevan freshened up the office on Perry St and the business started to grow and prosper.

In the following year Simon Holloway joined the team to work with Carey and Bevan as a developer.



2013 started the year with a rainy surprise – almost a metre of water in our office. The entire suburb was evacuated and closed off for a week. The floods cost us some time, energy and furniture but thanks to our clever systems and cloud based data storage, no clients were affected and we were able to pick up the pieces and go on. We didn’t close for a single day because of the floods, our phones, email, hosting etc all continued running smoothly and we quickly setup in temporary offices while ours were cleaned up and repaired.

Sadly we weren’t able to replace the green striped couch which had floated across the office and taken on a lot of flood water.


20th Birthday Celebrations. Catalyst welcomes Tim!

With the team growing, Bevan added an up-and-coming designer Tim to the mix, who stayed on for many years. It was also time to refresh the Catalyst office ready for our 20th birthday. To mark the momentous achievement a Chamber event was held at the office; surrounded and supported by clients and staff, where 100 attended to chat, and savour delicious goodies. Watch this video for when the shift toward websites began.


New offices

Things were getting crowded in our “fishbowl” on Perry St. With three permanent desks and conference table, we sometimes had 6, 7 or even 8 team members all trying to work from the one space.

When the real estate agent in the neighbouring offices was moving out we jumped on it and moved in September 2018 with more space than we knew what to do with.

The new offices have a big conference room (which also doubles as a seminar room from time to time), several offices, front reception area and separate kitchen and bathroom – we really have space to spread out.

We capped it off with an evolution of our logo with a new crisp black and white styling with the lime green used as a highlight.


Catalyst acquires Wide Reach Digital

Back in 2012 Bevan was running Facebook workshops but when Wide Reach Social Media was established that year, he promptly left them to it and focussed on website design.

Dan Willersdorf and Katrina Carey created a successful business with Wide Bay Social Media which later became Wide Reach Social Media, and in time Wide Reach Digital.

Catalyst and Wide Reach worked together with clients often, so when Dan and Katrina wanted to move on to other things, it was an obvious opportunity for Catalyst to acquire Wide Reach and once again offer social media services.

It was a challenging process, but everyone worked together to bring it together.


The team keeps growing!

The acquisition of Wide Reach Digital brought some new faces to the team, Myla who manages the social media clients, and Monique our fabulous copywriter who was with us for several years until she moved on to focus on her family.

Later in the year we welcomed Lucinda to the team in an administrative role and she has become an absolute asset that – we’re not sure how we managed without her!

After the Wide Reach Social Media handover from Dan and Katrina, we were fortunate to have Andy join our team and work with our social clients for over 2 years. 

And near the end of the year James joined the team as both an experienced website designer and talented graphic designer.


The COVID lockdown & Welcome Steve!

During lockdown we closed the Bundaberg office for 12 weeks, and all worked from home. It was familiar for some, and very new for others, but our systems are all online and well setup to handle the change. Many Zoom meetings and phone calls later, and everyone was back in the office and mostly back to normal.

Despite a range of set backs during 2020, we did manage to expand our team and welcome Steve as our newest website designer. Steve hit the ground running, and continues to create standout websites for our clients.


Celebrating 25 years

Starting in 1996, the year 2021 marks out 25th year!

COVID got in the way somewhat, but we did manage to have a celebratory event at our office!


Looking to the future

In 2023 we’re a regional one-stop-shop that gets to know you, your company and your market so we can figure out what will get you where you need to go.

While we’re happy to share our story, the most interesting thing about us is YOU.

Your business and the ideas that you bring to the table are the key ingredients in everything we do. Your sleek, mobile-optimised website is something we’ll look at with pride. Your growing market engagement and reach make the hard work worth it.

After more than 25 years, we know very clearly that YOUR success is OUR success.

We’ve got plenty more up our sleeve for 2023, so stay tuned…