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Aug 31, 2020 | Business, COVID-19


The Queensland Government is lending small business a hand! You may have heard about the Adaption Grant, which sees up $100 million being made available to assist small business, like yours, succeed into the future. If you submitted an application in Round One and weren’t successful, but still would like to apply – please note: Round Two funding requires a NEW submission, so talk to us about your quoting requirements.

You may have heard about this grant, but what can you do with it? Honestly, the best use for this type of grant depends on a lot of factors, including your industry and what marketing (digital or other) your business already has in place.

Here are some scenarios that might be relevant to your business:

Q: I have a website – what should I do?

A: Well, you’ve got something to build on and with some enhancements, you could further strengthen your business for unexpected shocks (fingers crossed it won’t be another pandemic).

Any of the options on this list are worth looking into:

  • Upgrade your CMS (Content Management System) – The Base platform
  • Incorporate Lead Generators/Trip Wires
  • Create and upload Youtube Channels (Video)
  • Expand Social Media Connections
  • Add a usability plug-in for simplistic website editing
  • Revise or expand on your content focusing on keywords for Google
  • Perform a thorough Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) review across the site
  • Add a targeted landing page focusing on a particular hot product or service to generate leads
  • Enhance Social Media presence and invest in Google Ads for inbound marketing
  • Generate a steady & consistent flow of enquiry through blog writing
  • User interface upgrades to help people navigate the site with less clicks

Q: I have nothing – what can I spend the grant on?

A: In some ways this is actually a very decent starting point. You’re a blank canvas and that’s exciting. Here’s how you can develop your business’ digital presence from scratch:

  • Start with a website or a landing page
  • Create Social Media accounts and Google ads (for inbound marketing)
  • Implement a lead generator to entice online enquiries
  • Build a brand identity and launch your new business into the marketplace
  • Explore signage & printed media options
  • Have a marketing strategy plan created and implemented

Q: I’m ready to take my customers from bricks and mortar to online. How do I do that?

A: You need ecommerce! Here’s what that entails:

  • Build a modern online store using the Woo-Commerce platform (exceeds the ability of Shopify)
  • Integrate your shop with your website
  • Manage your stock and backorders online
  • Create a click funnel through Social Media and Google ads to drive traffic to your online store
  • Automate as many systems you can and spend less time working in your business and more time working on it!

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Bevan Moller


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